Athlete Registration

Registration ends March 15, 2016!

To register a student athlete:
1) The registrant be the legal parent or guardian of the student athlete, OR
2) You are the student athlete and you are 18 years of age or older, AND
3) The registrant must enter the student athlete’s valid hunter education certificate number during registration, AND
4) The student athlete’s name is included on the team’s roster, AND
5) The registrant has obtained your team’s registration password (from the team’s coach), AND
6) The registrant must fully complete the online registration.

The online registration will take about five minutes to complete and registrants will receive an email confirmation when completed. If a student athlete’s name does not appear on the team’s registration roster, contact your team’s head coach for more information.

During registration, team members were able to signup for the Shooter Performance Tracker so athletes, parents and friend can track the performance of their favorite student athlete! Simply include an email address and create a custom password for access. Registrants receive a Shooter Performance Tracker confirmation email upon completion of the registration.

League registration fees are $30 per student athlete per league and are paid to the team. Student athlete participation fees and deadlines are determined by each team. Contact your head coach for more information.

Watch the student athlete registration instructions video!

Join your high school team!

Any North Dakota student is eligible to participate if he/she:
Is in grades 6 through 12, AND
Possesses a state hunter education certificate, AND
Meets all school curricular activity eligibility requirements, AND
If the team has the capacity to accommodate the student athlete.