Join Team

Join your high school trap team!

The purpose of the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League is to attract students in grades six through tweleve to participate in shooting sports while creating a friendly competition among high schools throughout North Dakota. With the assistance of volunteer coaches the League allows high school teams from across the state to compete in sport shooting while eliminating the need to travel from school to school.

Who can join?

Any North Dakota student is eligible to participate if he/she:
Is in grades 6 through 12, AND
Possesses league-approved firearm safety certification, AND
Meets all school curricular activity eligibility requirements, AND
If the team has room to accommodate the student athlete.

If your school does not have a shooting sports team, you can start one at your school or join another team near your school district if the team can accommodate the student and the Activities Directors at both schools approve a cooperative sponsorship available from the League.