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High school trapshooting participants, programs continue to increase

Kim Fundingsland – Staff Writer – Minot Daily News – It is a sport that is flying high. The proof of high school trapshooting’s rapid takeoff in North Dakota can be found at shooting ranges throughout the state. The impact of high school trapshooting at the Minot Gun Club has been nothing less than astounding.

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Shooting sports target new teens in the FM area

HORACE, N.D. (Valley News Live) – “It’s just kind of a way to get away. You just come out here – you don’t have to worry about anything else other than just shooting at a little target in the sky,” says Cooper Sahli, who competes with West Fargo High School’s Target Team.

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St. Paul, MN – The USA High School Clay Target League is excited to announce that the clay target discipline of ‘skeet shooting’ has been added to their highly popular high school clay target shooting programs, in which nearly 26,000 student athletes participated during the 2017-2018 school year. The inclusion of skeet shooting as an […]

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2018 Fall League Awards

Congratulations to all teams and individuals on their 2018 Fall League accomplishments! Awards will be mailed.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Thank you coaches, schools, parents and gun clubs for helping introduce more students to shootings sports! See below for conference award listings.  Reserve Week scores are used in the event of ties. View all […]

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Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to Scholarship Winner!

The USA High School Clay Target League Scholarship is offered to student athletes that participate in the spring league. This opportunity is to provide financial assistance for a student that is continuing his/her education after high school and to reward a student who is seeking a career in environmental sciences or conservation industries. CONGRATULATIONS to […]

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USAHSCTL And MCAC Form Partnership For College League

MINNESOTA  –  The Minnesota College Athletic Conference (MCAC) has teamed up with the League to offer a  new sanctioned sport – Clay Target – to begin in Fall 2018. Trap shooting is the shooting sport of choice for the MCAC’s Clay Target offering, in which a team of 5 take turns shooting at clay targets […]

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Fargo, ND  –  1,403 students from 49 North Dakota high school teams are participating in the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League (NDSHSCTL) 2018 spring trap shooting season, which began April 1st.  Last year there were 908 students on 38 teams. “Clay target shooting as an activity for North Dakota high school athletes […]

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League Announces National Championship!

MICHIGAN  –  The USA High School Clay Target League, the nation’s largest high school clay target shooting sport program, is very pleased to announce that 2018 will be the inaugural year for the USAHSCTL National Championship! The exciting event will take place July 12th-15th, and will feature a trap shooting competition for the highest-qualifying student […]

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Coach Education and Support Program

The Coach Education And Support Program provides an education support platform for coaches to help themselves, other coaches, and student athletes. This program is consistent with the League’s mission, and policies and procedures. Features of the Coach Education And Support Program: Get your questions answered through blogging with an experienced coach! View instructional videos Choose courses […]

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Congratulations 2016 All-State Team!

The league recognizes those students with the top 50 league averages as the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League All-State Team.  These top athletes deserve special recognition, and will receive a special All-State patch. Please congratulate the following 51 athletes on their success!   Athlete Team Season Average  Kyle Kempel Oak Grove Lutheran […]

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Get Ready For The Fall League!

The fall league provides an opportunity for teams to add new student athletes that are new to the school or those that could not participate on the spring team. The six-week fall league is shorter than the spring league and does not include a season-ending tournament or new teams. Trap teams from current high school […]

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High School Clay Target League on the grow in North Dakota

By Brad Dokken- Grand Forks Herald. Just like it is most spring nights, the Grand Forks Gun Club along U.S. Highway 2 west of town was a hopping place Tuesday evening. More than 50 kids from Grand Forks and Thompson, N.D., schools were on hand to test their trapshooting skills as participants in the burgeoning […]

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SPT Mobile App Now Available!

 NOW AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID AND iOS! The Shooter Performance Tracker® (SPT) is The North Dakota State High School Clay Target League’s exclusive performance tracking tool provided to all participants of the League. Each athlete receives personal access to the web-based application to monitor their True Team® scoring and progress compared against their team, their conference, […]

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2016 Spring Season Participating Schools

Twenty-three high school teams will represent their schools in competition in the 2016 Spring Season of the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League. The teams and their athletes will also be invited to the 2016 NDSHSCTL Trapshooting Tournament June 18th! 2016 Participating Schools Central Cass High School Central High School Davies High School […]

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More and More Schools are Joining the League!

Over a dozen new teams will take part in the 2016 North Dakota State High School Clay Target League! They will join other high school teams across the state as over 500 student athletes represent their schools in competition. The teams and their athletes will also be invited to the 2016 NDSHSCTL Trapshooting Tournament June […]

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Gun Sellers Have High Hopes For High School Shooting Leagues

Sapna Maheshwari – BuzzFeed: “In most sports, young athletes spend years honing skills that they’ll never use when they’re older,” the cartoon video begins, panning over a dejected football player, cheerleader, and lacrosse goalie. “But one sport provides a gateway to a lifetime of enjoyment and expertise: shooting sports.” That’s from the homepage of the […]

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NDSHSCTL To Be At ND Sportsmans’ Expo

The NDSHSCTL will be at the ND Sportsman’s Expo December 18th and 19th in Bismark! See our table in the lobby as you enter the Expo! League representatives will be on-hand to provide more information about the league and talk about the League’s unique features and benefits. They will also be available to discuss the […]

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2016 State Tournament

Start planning for the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League’s 2016 State Tournament! Everyone is invited to participate in individual and team competition. Individual competition classifications are determined by a student athlete’s season average. Team competition includes the entire team. It’s a safe and fun tournament atmosphere! Click here for more details  

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West Fargo, Sheyenne join clay target league

West Fargo High School and Sheyenne High School will be the newest members of the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League in 2016. The West Fargo School Board approved the sport in June and the two West Fargo high schools will join Devils Lake, Larimore, Enderlin and Oak Grove high schools in the […]

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Bloomberg: U.S. High Schools Embrace Shooting as Hot New Sport

Published July 9, 2015 by Esmé E Deprez – Bloomberg The giddy 13-year-old boys oohed and aahed as they stared down the black shotgun barrels and aimed at clay targets they imagined whizzing through the air. “You guys are welcome to test any of these out,” said Dusty Minke, a sales agent for Browning, as […]

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Clay Target League Remains Safest High School Sport

While one of the main concerns for parents with children sports is safety, each year millions of student athletes are injured while playing high-school sports. Clay Target shooting however remains one of the safest high school activities nationwide. According to the latest statistics from the Center for Injury Research & Policy, boys’ football tops the […]

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Gun Digest: Shooting Sports’ Numbers are Swelling Among Teens

Published July 15th, 2015 by Elwood Shelton – Gun Digest The kids today, well they seem to be doing all right. At least the ones who have hitched their stars to the fast-growing extracurricular activity of sport shooting. Yes, breaking clays and nailing bull’s eyes have gained traction among American teens and young adults. Not […]

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Grand Forks add trapshooting to extracurricular athletics

The Grand Forks School Board approved an agreement Monday that adds trapshooting to its extracurricular athletic program. The program would be treated like any other district activity, according to Athletic Director Mark Rerick and two representatives of the Grand Forks Gun Club who spoke at the meeting. The Grand Forks Gun Club made the request […]

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Oak Grove senior wins state’s first trap shooting title

The first North Dakota state high school trap shooting tournament went off with a bang–several bangs. The tournament took place at The Shooting Park of Horace on Saturday. The sport, which involves shooting at flying targets called clay pigeons, isn’t new to the state but it is for high schools in North Dakota. Organizers of similar […]

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Conference Champions

2015 Trap Spring League Conference Champions Congratulations to all individual and teams! The conference award presentation will occur at the 2015 State Tournament. Awards: Team 1st place, High Gun (by gender) 1-3 places Click here to view 2015 Spring Trap League scores and standings. 1st Place Individual: Conference 1: Male: Kyle Kempel – Oak Grove Lutheran High School Female: Hannah […]

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State Tournament – June 13th

The State Tournament will be held at The Shooting Park of Horace, ND. Competition Format: Student athletes shoot their assigned number of targets to compete in BOTH individual and team (if relevant) events. Student athlete’s classifications for individual competition are determined by the athlete’s year-end average weekly score after Week 5. Classifications include: Novice: 0-14.99 […]

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970 WDAY: Jay Thomas Show On Demand – John Nelson

Host Jay Thomas is joined by John Nelson to discuss the exploding popularity of the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League and the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League. Click below to listen to the interview.

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Grand Forks organizers explore school clay target team

Interest in establishing trapshooting as a high school sport in Grand Forks continues to grow. According to Don Dietrich, a Grand Forks shooting enthusiast and certified instructor, about 35 people, including parents, gun club representatives and others, attended an informational and organizational meeting Tuesday night to explore the idea of a high school program. A […]

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A new activity proposed for Devils Lake students

By Louise Oleson Journal Managing editor Devils Lake Journal Posted Feb. 10, 2015 at 11:31 AM Ramsey County Shooting Sports brought out the big guns Monday night at the school board meeting filling the audience with members, students and coaches. A large delegation from shooting sports attended the Devils Lake Public School Board to ask […]

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2014 Firearms-Related Injury Statistics

The 2014 edition of the Firearms-Related Injury Statistics was recently released by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. In the findings from the recent research in the last 20 years (2002 – 2012), the number of unintentional firearms-related fatalities involving children 14 years of age and under has decreased by 73 percent. Firearms are involved in […]

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comparing youth shooting sport programs

Youth shooting sport programs compared to the best

Compare the best to the rest. The USA High School Clay Target League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and operates the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League as the independent provider of shooting sports as an extracurricular co-ed and adaptive activity to high schools for students in grades six through 12 who have […]

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2015 Policies and Procedures

2015 Policies and Procedures

The North Dakota State High School Clay Target League’s 2015 Policies and Procedures are designed and published to define all major decisions, actions and activities for all participants of the League including students athletes, parents, coaches, schools and shooting ranges. Download the 2015 Policies and Procedures: NDSHSCTL 2015 Policies-Procedures  

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Get on track with the Shooter Performance Tracker®!

Shooter Performance Tracker™ (SPT) is the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League’s exclusive online performance tracking tool provided to all participants of the League. Each athlete receives personal access to the web-based application to monitor their True Team Scoring™ and progress rankings compared against their team, their conference, their class, and all other […]

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True Team Scoring™

True Team Scoring™ allows athletes to compete against everyone

The North Dakota State High School Clay Target League is excited to feature their unique True Team Scoring™ method for 2014.  True Team Scoring™ allows an athlete to compete against all other athletes in their respective conference and earn points depending on their finish. Their points are then added to their teammate’s scores to create […]

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Top 10 reasons why schools and student athletes love the League

The North Dakota State High School Clay Target League is the independent provider of the trapshooting extracurricular co-ed activity and operates as a “virtual” competition. That means student athletes and their families travel only to their local gun club to shoot 2 round of 25 at practice and competitions during their scheduled weeks. All scores are […]

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How the clay target league got started.

How the clay target league got started: VIDEO

Jim Sable, founder of the USA State High School Clay Target League, talks about how the clay target league got started in Minnesota in 2001 and how it continues to flourish today as the best youth shooting program in the country.

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25- and 50-straight Club

Perfection leads to the 25- and 50-Straight Club

Only those who have earned perfection join the 25- and 50-Straight Club from the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League. Not only will an athlete get recognized as a member of the Club, he or she will receive a patch to showcase their achievement!

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fundraising program for your high school trap team

Fundraising program for your high school trap team

Earn $100 for every 25 products sold through this fundraising program for your high school trap team! The North Dakota State High School Clay Target League has partnered with Greater American Ribs to bring you a fundraising program for your high school trap team! Greater American Ribs is proud to offer you a delicious line […]

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trapshooting is high school's safest sport

Trapshooting is high school’s safest sport? Get your answer here.

When compared to other high school sports, trapshooting is high school’s safest sport. Since the USA State High School Clay Target League’s inception in 2001, there has been no reported injuries to any any participant during any scheduled practices or competition. That’s right, zero, since 2001. National High School Sports-Related injury Surveillance Study Participation in high […]

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Trapshooting coaches discuss the League.

Coaches discuss the League: VIDEO

Some of the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League coaches discuss the League, their teams, student athletes, schools and the future of the League and shooting sports. Head coaches talk about the start up of their teams and the immense support they had from families and the community. Some also talk about the process […]

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