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Spring League - State Rotator

2024 Spring League

Join North Dakota’s safest high school sport! Schools and student athletes from across the state are invited to join the Spring League! Student athletes considering joining a team are required to earn a League-approved firearm safety certification. Existing teams may have limited availability to add new athletes – check with your school. New teams are […]

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Scholarships Available To Senior Athletes!

The League is proud to offer the Jim Sable Environment & Conservation Education Scholarship, in honor of its founder. Jim recognized that education came before anything else.  He would always ask his students if they had gotten their homework done, asked about the grades, and encourage them to succeed academically.  As a student mentor, Jim […]

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Coach Leadership and Safety Support (CLASS) Certification Program

The CLASS Certification program has been designed specifically for coaches participating in the state-affiliated leagues of the USA High School Clay Target League. The League’s CLASS Certification provides a comprehensive and interactive online education and training program designed specifically for League coaches. The CLASS Certification is available to all coaches and takes 5-6 hours of […]

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Student Athlete Firearm Education (SAFE)

Click to visit the SAFE Certification website All student athletes are required to complete and submit certificates for either one of two League-approved firearm safety certification programs – a state-approved hunter education certificate or the League’s SAFE Certification. Teams should verify the firearm safety training certification requirements with the shooting range where they will be […]

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2020 Scholarship Winners Announced!

The League is proud to announce the students awarded Jim Sable Environment & Conservation Education Scholarship! Congratulations to the athletes below, and best of luck to them as the begin to pursue their futures this fall! Adam Froman Carroll County High School KY Cora Smith Waverly High School NY Bryce Byers Keystone-Clarion-North Clarion High Schools […]

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social distancing guidelines

Clay Target Sports & Social Distancing

In this time of COVID-19, it’s important that all necessary steps are taken to participate in clay target sports in a manner that ensures that everyone – including athletes, coaches, parents, and others – can remain safe and healthy while enjoying their time on the range. Clay target sports are by nature an activity of […]

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St. Paul, MN – The USA High School Clay Target League is excited to announce that the clay target discipline of ‘skeet shooting’ has been added to their highly popular high school clay target shooting programs, in which nearly 26,000 student athletes participated during the 2017-2018 school year. The inclusion of skeet shooting as an […]

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USAHSCTL And MCAC Form Partnership For College League

MINNESOTA  –  The Minnesota College Athletic Conference (MCAC) has teamed up with the League to offer a  new sanctioned sport – Clay Target – to begin in Fall 2018. Trap shooting is the shooting sport of choice for the MCAC’s Clay Target offering, in which a team of 5 take turns shooting at clay targets […]

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2018 Spring League Team Scores & Standings

Team Scores and standings will be posted upon completion of Week 1 results. Overall Standings Each week, the overall standings are posted showing team rank by class and conference. 25/50-Straight Club If an athlete hits 25 targets in a round or 50 straight in two rounds, they receive a League patch. Overall Top 10 By […]

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Join The Fun Squad!

League athletes have always participated at their local shooting range to compete weekly in their own state high school clay target league’s spring season, but how fun would it be if you could shoot with a squad made up of other student athletes throughout America? Now you can! Starting in the Spring 2018 Season, students […]

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League Announces National Championship!

MICHIGAN  –  The USA High School Clay Target League, the nation’s largest high school clay target shooting sport program, is very pleased to announce that 2018 will be the inaugural year for the USAHSCTL National Championship! The exciting event will take place July 12th-15th, and will feature a trap shooting competition for the highest-qualifying student […]

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Check Out PullUSA Magazine!

PullUSA is a quarterly magazine that is direct mailed and digitally delivered to student athletes, head coaches, gun clubs, and other subscribers four times a year. As the official magazine for the USAHSCTL, PullUSA tells the compelling stories of student athletes, coaches, and volunteers who are participating in the League nationwide. The magazine covers human […]

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High School Activities Provide Important Benefits to Teens

Extracurricular activities like the Clay Target League are proven to have many important benefits to students. Not only do they get to enjoy a terrific sport, but taking part in activities provides a positive influence on their lives both during, and after, their time in high school! Student Activities Boost Academic Performance Young men and […]

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2016 Spring League Awards

Congratulations to all teams and individuals on their 2016 Spring League accomplishments! Awards will be handed out at the State Tournament on June 18th. Thank you coaches, schools, parents and gun clubs for helping introduce more students to shootings sports! View all final results  

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comparing youth shooting sport programs

Youth shooting sport programs compared to the best

Compare the best to the rest. The USA High School Clay Target League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and operates the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League as the independent provider of shooting sports as an extracurricular co-ed and adaptive activity to high schools for students in grades six through 12 who have […]

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2015 Policies and Procedures

2015 Policies and Procedures

The North Dakota State High School Clay Target League’s 2015 Policies and Procedures are designed and published to define all major decisions, actions and activities for all participants of the League including students athletes, parents, coaches, schools and shooting ranges. Download the 2015 Policies and Procedures: NDSHSCTL 2015 Policies-Procedures  

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Get on track with the Shooter Performance Tracker®!

Shooter Performance Tracker™ (SPT) is the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League’s exclusive online performance tracking tool provided to all participants of the League. Each athlete receives personal access to the web-based application to monitor their True Team Scoring™ and progress rankings compared against their team, their conference, their class, and all other […]

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True Team Scoring™

True Team Scoring™ allows athletes to compete against everyone

The North Dakota State High School Clay Target League is excited to feature their unique True Team Scoring™ method for 2014.  True Team Scoring™ allows an athlete to compete against all other athletes in their respective conference and earn points depending on their finish. Their points are then added to their teammate’s scores to create […]

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Top 10 reasons why schools and student athletes love the League

The North Dakota State High School Clay Target League is the independent provider of the trapshooting extracurricular co-ed activity and operates as a “virtual” competition. That means student athletes and their families travel only to their local gun club to shoot 2 round of 25 at practice and competitions during their scheduled weeks. All scores are […]

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How the clay target league got started.

How the clay target league got started: VIDEO

Jim Sable, founder of the USA State High School Clay Target League, talks about how the clay target league got started in Minnesota in 2001 and how it continues to flourish today as the best youth shooting program in the country.

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25- and 50-straight Club

Perfection leads to the 25- and 50-Straight Club

Only those who have earned perfection join the 25- and 50-Straight Club from the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League. Not only will an athlete get recognized as a member of the Club, he or she will receive a patch to showcase their achievement!

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fundraising program for your high school trap team

Fundraising program for your high school trap team

Earn $100 for every 25 products sold through this fundraising program for your high school trap team! The North Dakota State High School Clay Target League has partnered with Greater American Ribs to bring you a fundraising program for your high school trap team! Greater American Ribs is proud to offer you a delicious line […]

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trapshooting is high school's safest sport

Trapshooting is high school’s safest sport? Get your answer here.

When compared to other high school sports, trapshooting is high school’s safest sport. Since the USA State High School Clay Target League’s inception in 2001, there has been no reported injuries to any any participant during any scheduled practices or competition. That’s right, zero, since 2001. National High School Sports-Related injury Surveillance Study Participation in high […]

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Trapshooting coaches discuss the League.

Coaches discuss the League: VIDEO

Some of the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League coaches discuss the League, their teams, student athletes, schools and the future of the League and shooting sports. Head coaches talk about the start up of their teams and the immense support they had from families and the community. Some also talk about the process […]

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