The USA Clay Target League and COVID-19

UPDATE – Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

USA Clay Target League 2020 Modified Fall Season

The USA Clay Target League thanks all of our athletes, parents, coaches, and sponsors for their patience and understanding to considering participating in the League in this unprecedented time.

Due to the current uncertainty related to COVID-19, the League is announcing a Modified 2020 Fall Season that will provide the most opportunity for student athletes and teams to participate. Highlights of the Modified 2020 Fall Season include:

  • Worry-free team participation – Pay registration fees at the end of the season only if your team participates
  • Worry-free athlete participation – If an athlete does not post a score all season, no payment is required.
  • Team-only registration fee payment – Teams can collect registration fees at their convenience up to the end of the season.
  • Flexible event score submissions – Conduct weekly events based on school, team, or shooting range schedule.
  • Extended season – Registration deadline and season extended to allow more time to conduct events safely.

Clay target is a low-risk sport during COVID-19.
Teams are expected to follow all recommendations regarding social gatherings as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Clay target sports are a low-risk sport based on the participation recommendations from the National Federation Of High School Associations.

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The League has a number of advantages over traditional high school sporting activities that naturally reduce the risk of infection and/or transmission of bacteria and viruses.

  • All activity takes place outdoors.
  • Clay target shooting is a non-contact sport.
  • There is minimal, if any, shared equipment or clothing between participants.
  • There is very limited contact to shared surfaces.
  • Mass gatherings of spectators can be avoided.

Share The Safe Sport: Clay Target Is The Smart Choice infographic with school administrators, parents and students so everyone can make The Safe Choice with clay target sports!

Worry-free League registration fee refund policy encourages team and athlete registration.
The League pledges to support our participating schools, teams, and coaches in whatever decisions they make in regards to their participation in the Modified Season. If a registered team/school or student athlete decides not to participate in the Fall season, then League registration fees will not be required to be paid.

If there are no scores entered for any student athletes on a team’s roster when the season scoring deadline expires, the student athlete will automatically be designated as non-participating and the team will not be required to pay the non-participating athlete(s) League registration fee.

Team-only League registration fee payment required.
To help alleviate financial and participation concerns for schools, teams, and their coaches, League registration fees are required at the END of the fall season. The athlete-pay option for League registration will not be available. Registration fee ($35 per student athlete per sport) invoices will be based on the number of student athletes that have a score submitted. Payment may be made via online or mailed check to the League.

Students will be invited to register for the team after the coach adds them to the team roster. A League registration fee payment will NOT be required by the registrant in the Athlete Management System (AMS) since the team is responsible for the registration fee.

Any unpaid League registration fee invoices will result in a removal of the team from the League for any future participation until invoice is paid in full.

Open score submissions until November 14th.
Practice/Reserve Week has been removed from the Fall season schedule. Any practice events are at the discretion of the teams. Reserve Week scores will not be used in any manner this season. Week 1 scores will be used for a tiebreaker for season awards.

There will not be a limitation regarding the number of weekly scores that can be shot or submitted at one time. Score submission for all weeks will be allowed September 13 through November 14th at 9 p.m. CT in the Team Management System (TMS).

A team can choose to schedule and complete their events however they wish during the competition period. All events must be completed in succession (Week 1 must be completed before Week 2, etc.). Scores can be added, corrected, and submitted for all weeks up to the season score submission deadline.

At the completion of the season, the League will calculate weekly scores and standings and release them daily in order until the final results are published. Please review the schedules below for more information.

Registered athletes that have not completed firearm safety will not be removed.
To provide a longer opportunity to athletes to complete their required League-approved firearm safety certification, athletes will remain on the team invite list in TMS until their certification information has been completed by the athlete/parent in their Athlete Management System (AMS) or by the coach in TMS. 

Coaches will not be able to submit scores for any athlete that has not completed firearm safety certification, and athletes are not allowed to participate in any team event until certification is complete and their profiles have been updated.

After the safety certification information is complete, the athlete’s name will be added to the Team Roster in TMS and to the score submission page in TMS.

Conferences will be determined upon the completion of score submissions.
Because of the uncertainty of each team’s participation status and to provide the fairest competition among all teams within a conference, the League will assign conferences AFTER the scoring deadline. By doing this, the League can confirm the actual number of participants and assign conferences using the most accurate data.

Any student athlete that posted a score during any of the five competition weeks will be counted as a participating team member when assigning a team to a conference.

Any student athlete that did not post a score during any of the five competition weeks will not be counted as a team member when assigning a team to a conference.

Modified 2020 Fall Season Schedule:
8/3: Team and student athlete registration opens
9/14: Athlete registration closes
10/1: Score submissions available in TMS
11/14: Season score submission deadline 9 p.m. CT
11/17: Conferences published and team registration fee invoices are issued
11/18: Week 1 results published
11/19: Week 2 results published
11/20: Week 3 results published
11/21: Week 4 results published
11/22: Week 5 results published
12/1: Team registration fees due and awards begin shipping to teams

For the most recent information regarding the League’s COVID-19 situation, visit: