A new activity proposed for Devils Lake students

By Louise Oleson
Journal Managing editor
Devils Lake Journal

Posted Feb. 10, 2015 at 11:31 AM

Ramsey County Shooting Sports brought out the big guns Monday night at the school board meeting filling the audience with members, students and coaches.

A large delegation from shooting sports attended the Devils Lake Public School Board to ask if the board would allow a Clay Target League to wear the Firebirds logo, letter in the sport and possibly be included in the school’s yearbook.

“We’re not asking for financial support,” said spokesman James Wang.

“This will cost the school zero dollars.” He continued to explain how the sport is funded, insured and coached.

“You’ve got a whole lot of kids, boys and girls, both, who are involved in this activity,” Wang continued.

He introduced four students sitting in the front row who were heading to compete on a national level, and indicated all the other girls and boys in the room and spilling out into the hallway who were part of the group.

He also pointed out two of the many coaches in the audience, Darin MacDonald and Doug Darling.

Superintendent Scott Privratsky provided the board with the district’s policy on Adding and Eliminating Activities.

Board member Lee Ann Johnston pointed out that the board had recently gone through the steps to eliminate some activities and now they were looking at adding one.

That was the big question.

Board member Paul Goulding pointed out how the activities that were eliminated did meet the criteria established for eliminating and, yes, this activity met the criteria for adding an activity.

Besides, it will cost the district nothing, they were assured of that, stated Board Member Jeff Frith.

The Clay Target League would have its own insurance, through the league, and its own governing body. It would not be an activity like basketball but more like the Figure Skating Club where those students can letter, if they wish, and must follow all the school district’s rules for participation.

In the district’s relationship with the Figure Skating Club there is an established precedence.

Following the discussion and numerous questions that Wang fielded Privratsky suggested the issue be put on the agenda for the next school board meeting as an action item. That would give them until the next meeting, to be held at noon on Feb. 19, to weigh the pros and cons and to hear what the public may have to say about the decision before voting on the request.

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