By the numbers…

The USA High School Clay Target League is America’s fastest-growing high school sport. Add to the excitement by joining the North Dakota State High School Clay Target League today! Check out these impressive numbers:

467,225,800 dollars estimated of lifetime expenditures ($75,359 from age 16) with the 2014 league participation (6,200) level per the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 2006 national shooting-related expenses survey.

5,000,000 approximate amount of targets and ammunition used in 2014.

2,000,000 website page views this year.

390,000 targets thrown at state tournaments in 2014.

10,000 student athletes expected to participate in 2015.

7,500 student athletes participated in 2014 spring and fall leagues.

3,948 registered athletes for the 2014 Minnesota Championship in Alexandria – making it the largest youth trapshooting tournament in the world.

2014 year of the Minnesota State High School League as the first and only state high school athletic association in America to support and recognize a trap shooting state tournament.

1,900 coaches and volunteers that helped teams in 2014.

386 participating schools in 2014.

225 approximate dollars to participate on a team including targets, ammunition and league fees.

191 participating high school teams in 2014.

150 new team inquires requesting information to join the 2015 season.

112 gun clubs that hosted teams in 2014.

100 largest number of members on a team in 2014.

88 percent of athletes have hunted in the past two years.

81 percent of athletes enjoy camping.

79 percent of teams have a school lettering program.

64 percent of teams get their team picture in the school yearbook.

61 percent of teams expect to add student athletes for 2015.

55 percent of participants that are first-time clay target shooters.

41 percent of participants say they may purchase a new shotgun in 2014.

35 percent of athletes say that clay target is their only high school sport.

30 student athletes participated in 2008.

18 different states have inquired about adding the League.

17 ranking out of 45 Minnesota State High School League’s Activity and Participants for highest participation levels in 2013-14.

16 percent of participants are females.

5 minimum number of team members for a team.

3 high school teams participated in 2008.

1 high school sport that includes co-ed and adaptive athletes.

0 reported injuries or gun-free school zone policy violations since 2001.